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Friday, 20 April 2018

Stop Using your Mobile Phone before Sleep [Urdu, Hindi]

Health is awesome and nobody wants to be unhealthy. But most of us do not understand that how little things that we do everyday can destroy our fitness and make us sick. I've gathered this information to motivate all of you & myself as well to not use our mobile phones before sleep in the total dark. This is in Urdu & Hindi language. Our Phone Screen emits Blue light that is considered very dangerous to our eyes because of having small wavelengths. It decreases the production of Melatonin in our bodies because humans are very sensitive to the small wavelength type of lights. Human eyes are not very good at blocking Blue light . Blue light exposure may increase the risk of Macular degeneration as well. And studies show that using too much phone in the dark can damage our light-sensitive cells in the eye retina. There are blue light filters available in the market. If you use phone in the dark before sleep try to use a filter on your phone's screen.

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