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Friday, 20 April 2018

Personality Test in Urdu - How Emotional Are You

Personality Test in Urdu - How Emotional Are You Do you Follow you heart or listen to your brain in critical situations? Emotional People love Sad things, they listen to sad songs, watch sad movies and stuff. But is it really worth being a Sensitive person in today's Society? Answer these questions Honestly and you will know whether you have an emotional personality or a logical brain. I've translated Urdu questions into English for the ease of Hindi speakers. If you're too emotional, people might feel it and use it for their purposes. If someone asks you what TV shows you like, and you starts thinking deeply about it, like you have hard time telling people about how you feel is also a sign that you are a sensitive person. These Questions shouldn't be hard for you to answer. Sometimes your feelings overpower you. If you're sad than you're too sad, if you are happy you feel ecstatic. If you're Stressed you go mad and don't know what you should do. On the other hand Realistic people have good grip on their lives. They know how to make good decisions.

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